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Sleep Ezzz

Many animals disturb their owner's sleep as well as their own! Sleep-Ezzz combines herbs from three continents to help the body to sleep naturally without dangerous side-effects.

Valerian is included as a calming nervine for a frazzled nervous system, many studies have backed-up Valerian's soothing and sleep inducing qualities.

This formula helps to nourish the parasympathetic nervous system, gently over time to help create and induce climate a climate of calm in the nervous system.

Passion flower is used to for its relaxing and anti-anxiety effects.

The Ginseng and Zizyphus formula is traditionally used in TCM for Heart and Kidney Yin depletion.

Zizyphus seeds have a sedative and hypnotic effect, causing a reduction in dconditioned relexes, a reduction in hyperactivity, and a lowering of blood pressure.

INGREDIENTS: Rehmannia root (fresh), Asian ginseng root, rehmannia root (cooked), polygala root, acorus rhizome, scrophularia root, biota seed, balloon flower root, asparagus tuber, salvia root, zizyphus seed, coptis rhizome, ophiopogonum tuber, dong quai root, schisandra fruit, poria sclerotium (hoelen), valerian rhizome, chamomile flower, stevia leaf.

ANTECEDENT: Celestial Emperor Heart Supplementing Elixir, Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan,(1279-1368 A.D.), Ginseng and Zyzyphus Formula.


Small cats & dogs: 1/2-1 small spoonful mixed in with food.
Medium dogs: 1-2 small spoonfuls mixed in with food.
Large dogs: 2-3 small spoonfuls mixed in with food.