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Burns Pet Health Product Range

Brown Rice and Chicken, or Brown Rice and Ocean Fish

Brown Rice and ChickenA complete dog food for adult dogs of all ages.

Available in two types: Chicken or Ocean Fish (Herring Meal).

These low protein, low fat dog foods come in 4.4llb, 16.5lb and 33 lbs bag sizes.

* Contains no Wheat, Soya, Corn or Dairy Products

* No manipulation of the ingredients list to push the protein to the top of the ingredients list.

Find out what is in Burns Brown Rice and Chicken for Dogs. And what is in Burns Brown Rice and Ocean Fish for Dogs.

Burns Feline Maintenance

Feline MaintenanceA complete holistic cat food for cats of all ages.

Comes in 4.4lb and 16.5 lb pack sizes.

* Contains no artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives

* Avoids excess nutrients which may damage health - low protein, low fat.

* Economical and Tasty.

Find out what is in Burns Feline Maintenance.

Burns Mini Bites

Mini BitesA complete food for all puppies and small breed adult dogs.

* Contains:- Brown Rice, Chicken, Peas, Oats and Ocean Fish

* Suitable from 3 weeks of age.

* Low Residue - Less to clean up.

Find out what is in Burns Mini Bites.

Herbal Products

Burns Pet Health offer an extensive range of herbal products and remedies.

Herbal categories, include: Behavioral and Geriatric, Bladder, Kidney and Stones, Cancer, Cleansing, Digestion, Ear, Nose, Throat and Lungs, Eyes, Glands, Heart, Immune System, Joints, Liver, Nerves, Nutritional and Skin.


Herbal nourishment for memory and mental function.

Detailed information about Alert.


Provides stimulant-free allergy support for pets.

Detailed information about Allerg-Ease.


Herbal nourishment for the immune system.

Detailed information about Astragalus/Ligustrum.

Bladder Clear

Supports and maintains healthy urinary tract function.

Detailed information about Bladder Clear.

Breath Fresh

Herbal nourishment to counteract foul-breath.

Detailed information about Breath Fresh.

Broccoli Sprouts

Cancer and detoxification support.

Detailed information about Broccoli Sprouts.


Supports the functioning of a healthy heart, maintains healthy circulation and blood pressure.

Detailed information about Cardio-Support.

DermaPhyte (Excess)

Herbal nourishment for atopic dermatitis.

Detailed information about DermaPhyte (Excess).

DermaTopic (Deficient)

Herbal nourishment for atopic dermatitis.

Detailed information about DermaTopic (Deficient).


Promotes healthy well formed stools.

Detailed information about Dia-Relief.

Digestive Tonic

Herbs to strengthen and harmonize digestive function.

Detailed information about Digestive Tonic.

Dry Ease (Wet Cough)

Drying combination for respiratory health.

Detailed information about Dry Ease (Wet Cough).

Ear Clear

Clears heat and dampness from the ear; supports the immune system.

Detailed information about Ear Clear.

Easy Move

Supports and maintains normal bowel function.

Detailed information about Easy Move.

Eyebright Vision

Nourishes the eyes and delays degenerative conditions.

Detailed information about Eyebright Vision.

First Defense

Supports the immune system at the first sign of attack in cold season.

Detailed information about First Defense.


Herbal nutrition to improve digestion and reduce intestinal gas.

Detailed information about Flatu-less.

Flea Flee (External)

An external herbal flea and insect repellent.

Detailed information about Flea Flee (External).


Herbal nutrition to stabilize blood glucose levels.

Detailed information about Gluco-Stable.

Green Power

Concentrated greens from land and sea, 100% organic.

Detailed information about Green Power.

Green Tea Trim

Broad preventive nutrition, and weight loss support.

Detailed information about Green Tea Trim.

Harry Hoxsey

Harry Hoxsey’s formula, developed in the 1920’s and still controversial, contained many of the same ingredients as a formula produced by Parke Davies and Co., their 'Trifolium Compound'.

Detailed information about Harry Hoxsey.

Healthy Coat

Dogs or cats should have coats that feel smooth from head to tail. It should feel full of life and vitality.

Detailed information about Healthy Coat.


Support for the adrenal glands.

Detailed information about Herbisone.

Hot Spot

Hair loss or hot spots are often a result of skin allergies with excessive licking or chewing.

Detailed information about Hot Spot.

Hoxsey wBoneset

Harry Hoxsey’s cancer formula, with boneset added, was proposed in a treatment protocol for osteosarcoma by Steven Marsden, D.V.M.

Detailed information about Hoxsey wBoneset.


Supports bringing the thyroid back up to normal function.

Detailed information about Hypo-Thyro.


This formula cools chronic and acute inflammations from exercise activities such as long walks or runs, as well as injuries or traumas, also from the chronic flare-ups of tendonitis or arthritis.

Detailed information about Inflam-Ease.


This formula is for irritable bowel syndrome, also known as nervous indigestion, mucous colitis, or spastic colitis.

Detailed information about Intesti-Care.

Kidney Support

Herbal nourishment for the kidneys.

Detailed information about Kidney Support.

Liver Heprotect

This formula offers protection and regeneration for your pet’s liver.

Detailed information about Liver Heprotect.

Lung Soothe

This formula is a soothing tonic for the lungs, relieving dry coughs, cleansing the lungs and calming irritation.

Detailed information about Lung Soothe.

Pet Calm

Pet Calm is a good formula to help switch “off” the fight or flight response in the nervous system, and is useful for post trauma, (i.e., post accident, fight, etc.) It is also helpful to use preventively for situations that may be anxiety provoking, such as before a visit to the vet or pet groomer, or before a long car or air journey.

Detailed information about Pet Calm.

Pet Boost

This formula addresses a weakened immune system.

Detailed information about Pet Boost.

Pet DeTox

This formula helps your animal friend cleanse toxicity from the blood and helps remove wastes held in the blood.

Detailed information about Pet DeTox.

Pet Joint-Ease

Arthritis is more often seen in dogs than cats and shows up in several forms: hip dysplasia*; dislocated knee cap; degeneration of the shoulder cartilage; arthritis of the elbow; swelling and pain in the leg bones.

Detailed information about Pet Joint-Ease.


The deep cleansing effects of essiac combined with reishi help to cleanse and boost the immune system.

Detailed information about Petsiac.

Power Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms, used by Traditional Chinese Medecine for thousands of years to stimulate the immune system, are now coming into their own in the West with the aid of scientific research.

Detailed information about Power Mushrooms.


Immune system support.

Detailed information about Protect.

Sleep Ezzz

Many animals disturb their owner's sleep as well as their own!

Detailed information about Sleep Ezzz.


Nutrition for the sinuses.

Detailed information about Sinus Ease.

Stone Solve

Supports the expelling of stones.

Detailed information about Stone Solve.

Travel Ease

This formula prevents the waves of nausea associated with air travel, seasickness, travel sickness, nausea, and post-operative nausea.

Detailed information about Travel Ease.


Stimulates the immune system to attack viruses.

Detailed information about Vir-Assist.

Water Flow

A herbal diuretic.

Detailed information about Water Flow.

Wormwood Parakill

Parasites are rife in most dogs, and it’s a major problem right from the very beginning of their lives, with nearly all puppies being born with some form of intestinal worms.

Detailed information about Wormwood Parakill.