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Kidney problems

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Pet behaviour problems

Between 20% - 80% of owners complain of their dogs problem behaviour, but what constitutes acceptable or tolerable pet behaviour.

Boost immune system

Pet Boost - herbal formula to support a healthy immune system.

Asian ginseng root, atractylodes rhizome, poria sclerotium (hoelen), licorice root, ginger root, jujube fruit, kelp thalus, garlic bulb, astragalus root, schisandra fruit, stevia leaf.

Pet Health Problem Solver

Dog Health Problems List

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Choose from:

Anal gland problems in dogs

Dog healthArthritis in dogs

Bad breath in dogs

Dog behavior

Bladder and stones in dogs

Cancer (tumors)


Diabetes in dogs

Digestive problems in pets

Dog ears problems

Epilepsy in dogs

Heart problems in dogs

Dog immune system problems

Kidney problems

Lyme disease

Buy Burns Pet Foods and Supplements onlineDog liver problems


Dog skin and coat problems

Gum disease in dogs

Rheumatism in dogs

Addison's disease in dogs

Cushing's disease in dogs

Cat Health Problems

Urinary crystals in cats

Cat urinary problems

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From arthritis in dogs and cats to diabetes in dog and cats.

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