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Introduction to Homeopathy

What is Homeopathy?

John Fudens, DVM explains in very simplistic terms. “We don’t use gasoline to power our cars, the gasoline is mixed with air and exploded by a spark. It is the energy released by this process that drives the car, not the gasoline itself.”

Similarly, we do not use coal or gas to heat or cook for us. Can you imagine sitting in front of a coal fire which has not been lit? It is the energy provided by the burning of the coal that heats us!

The electricity we have in our home is ‘energy’ generated from raw fuel. This simple logic is the same with homoeopathy, it is an energy.

Another way to describe homoeopathy is a branch of medicine which assumes that whatever causes the symptoms can also be used in the treatment of them.

I used to hear the term on a regular basis 'a hair of the dog'. I am sure most readers will be all too familiar with the term but for those who have not endured a few years of misspent youth it means to have a small amount of alcohol to cure a hangover.

What caused the hangover can also treat it. It is also the same with the smoker and his cough - have another cigarette - its stops the coughing - unfortunately it may stop you altogether!

So how do we use the 'hair of the dog' principle in terms of its energy?

This is explained by the preparation of homoeopathic remedies which uses all forms of natural sources such as plants, animals, minerals and their compounds.

Essentially a drop of the product is mixed with 99 drops of water/alcohol mixture and the liquid is subjected to mechanical shock. The mechanical shock is known as 'succussion'

This dilution can be repeated again and again until the required 'energy' or 'potency' is achieved - 1/100,000 is what is termed 3c at which point all poisons or harmful effect's if any existed, have been removed. The 'energy' is all that is left!

Homoeopathic nosodes is a term which has been banded about as an alternative to vaccinations and really requires some explanation here.

So how do we create this energy in nosodes?

A nosode (from nosos, the Greek word meaning disease) is a homeopathic preparation made from matter of a sick animal or person.

Substances such as respiratory discharges or diseased tissues are used.

It sounds repulsive, but the preparation, using alcohol, as well as the repeated dilution and succession (infuse with energy by subjecting to vigorous shaking), essentially renders the substances harmless, while producing a powerful remedy.

The use of nosode in a prophylactic manner, for preventing disease, has been employed in veterinary and human homeopathy for many years. It is supported by various holistic veterinarians and authors.

Do animals need nosodes?

Jean Dodds DVM, has been one of the world’s leading students of vaccines and who’s work is now changing the way the veterinary establishment views vaccines and their use. She views nosode with some trepidation suggesting that animals may not need them because of natural immunity and that her emphasis is more on health than disease.

These are questions that remain open for debate. My own opinion rests with my experiences of travel.

I traveled a few years back to India with my brothers. The eldest opted for malaria vaccinations, the next to do nothing and I opted for the homoeopathic approach.

The results were not conclusive other than none of us caught malaria, however the one taking the vaccinations was actually quite ill in the early part of the journey - the day we boarded the plane and a few days thereafter. There was no reactions whatsoever to the homoeopathic approach and taking nothing. I believe however in the basic principle of 'Do No Harm'.

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