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Green Tea Trim

Broad preventive nutrition, and weight loss support.

Green Tea has such broad health benefits: antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-mutagenic, cancer prevention, cancer treatment adjunct, heart disease prevention, stroke prevention, metabolic effects and weight loss, glucose (blood sugar), homeostasis, neuro-protective, protective of membrane fluidity, anti-bacterial, skin-protective.

If the above were not enough then thermogenesis for weight loss is another!

Green tea is an antioxidant that has a strong anti-cancer effects in skin, stomach, colon, etc. Green tea protects against free radicals.

Clinical studies conducted by Dr. Abdul Dulloo, of the University of Geneva in Switzerland was brought to the conclusion of his research that green tea weight loss programs raise metabolic rates and speed up fat oxidation, without raising heart rates.

Ginseng has been found to protect the body & nervous system from stress, stimulate & increase metabolic function.

Kelp in small amounts is a major herbal nutrient to support healthy thyroid function. Kelp, a sea vegetable, contains elemental iodine in balance with other minerals and phyto-nutrients. This marine herb has long been associated with healthy thyroid balance.

Hawthorn helps to cut through fat, and from a traditional Chinese view, it removes food stagnation.

ORIGIN: The author’s clinical experience and research.

INGREDIENTS: Green tea extract (90% polyphenols), gymnema, hawthorn, ginseng root, licorice root, kelp thalus, stevia leaf.

COMBINATION: Add Green Power for improved nutrition..

CAUTION: This formula may enhance an animal’s response to insulin. Good for long term use.


Mix in food twice a day.

Small cats & dogs: 1/2-1 small scoop mixed in with food.
Medium dogs: 1-2 small scoops mixed in with food.
Large dogs: 2-3 small scoops mixed in with food.