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DermaTopic (Deficient)

Herbal nourishment for atopic dermatitis.

According to Traditional Chinese Medecine, atopic dermatitis generally is a manifestation of “excess” (see DermaPhyte above) or deficient blood; these disorders usually respond quite well with TCM herbs.

Within TCM, “blood deficiency” symptom patterns include: pale or lavender colored tongue, chronic eczema with thick, dry, dark flaky skin with itching, crusting, lichenoid thickening of the skin and possible, fatigue, low back ache and weak limbs.

This formula is a combination of a classic blood nourishing formula (Si Wu Tang) and a wind pathogen dispelling formula (Xiao Feng San). These protocols have recently been made popular through the work of Steve Marsden, DVM.

There are three variations to this formula that specifically targets three major symptoms:
Si Wu Xiao Feng Yin modification #1 for purulent lesions includes: dandelion, forsythia and honeysuckle.
Si Wu Xiao Feng Yin modification #2 for hot spots includes: phellodendron, kochia, plantago.
Si Wu Xiao Feng Yin #3 for severe itch, includes: lithospermum, peony and moutan.

ORIGIN: Si Wu Xiao Feng Yin, Four Materials Dissipate Wind Beverage.

INGREDIENTS: Rehmannia root, red peony root, cnidium, angelica, schizonepeta, ledebouriella, mint, angelica pubescent, bupleurum, ginseng, jujube.

COMBINATION: Add Herbisone for strong allergies. Add Hot Spot External for topical cooling poultice.



Ideally mixed in with food twice a day. OK for extended use.

Small cats & dogs: 1/2-1 small scoop mixed in with food.
Medium dogs: 1-2 small scoops mixed in with food.
Large dogs: 2-3 small scoops mixed in with food.