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Get a clear breakdown of our natural pet food product range.

Here at Burns Pet Health our principle is to promote 'healthy, holistic pet food'. As you can see all over our website we believe that holistic, natural food is the best dog food for health.

As pet owners we can undertake our own comparison and see for ourselves what foods our dogs thrive on and what foods seem to make them lethargic or un-healthy.

Full 'Burns Pet Food' ingredientsincluding vitamins and minerals.

Burns Dog Food - Brown Rice and ChickenWhat's in
Burns Brown Rice and Chicken
for Dogs

What's in
Burns Brown Rice and Ocean Fish
for Dogs

What's in
Burns Mini Bites
for Dogs

What's in Burns Feline Maintenance for Cats

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Helpful Herbs

Take a look at our herbs and supplements to see how these might help your pet.

Do you have a pet health question?

From arthritis in dogs and cats to diabetes in dog and cats.

Ask us - Simply fill in and return our Pet Health Questionnaire and we'll get right back to you. When you fill out our questionnaire we'll send you some free samples of our food so you can 'try before you buy'.

Don't forget to play pet games - they love it!

Here at Burns Pet Health we know that dogs (and pets in general) love to play games. A healthy pet is usually enthusiastic to play and all of us can see that playing games together is a valuable way to deepen our relationship with our pets.

If our pet doesn't want to play, or is just not interested that could be seen as a symptom of their state of being.


Burns Dog Food

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Burns Dog Food pack"Burns dog food was developed to promote pet health and enable our beloved pets to take part in a full and varied life."
George Burns

Founder of Burns Pet Health and creator of Burns Dog Food.

Different foods suit different animals

There are a huge variety of tastes amongst us humans as to what foods we like and what foods promote health. There is similar variety among our pets.

So part of the process of giving our pets a healthy diet is to understand what exactly is healthy for them.

It may be that in carrying out dog food analysis we find that there are one or two ingredients that are ideal and others which may or may not promote health.

As pet owners it is our responsibility to give our pets the right foods. They are harmless creatures who are easily led or misled and they rely on us completely.

Healthy dogs fed on Burns Dog FoodIt really doesn't matter whether your dog is a pedigree animal or a cross-breed, health is still paramount for a happy and fulfilled life.

For years many of us have shopped in stores and pet supermarkets for our pet supplies, looking to buy the best dog food we can to promote wellness in our dogs.

We read dog food reviews and even ask the local pet shop owner their opinion.

After some time we find that actually we are seeking to find a natural, balanced dog food (or cat food for that matter). We may try different brands and combinations including homemade dog food.

There are various dog food ratings that we can consider in our pursuit of finding the 'solid gold' best dog food that suits our pets.

While some dog food recipes are surprisingly simple others are more complex and scientific.

Keep to natural dog food

Here at Burns Pet Health we like to promote natural dog food as a basis for pet health.

Buy healthy dog food and cat food onlineSometimes we see on pet health forums that pet owners are discussing the 'best dog food brand' or the 'best puppy food'.

In reality, 'what's best' often comes down to a combination of what the particular animal likes and also what the owner discerns as best for health.

At Burns we enable you to buy dog food direct from the manufacturer.

It's about trust and love.

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