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Broccoli Sprouts

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Cancer and detoxification support.

The amazing compound found in broccoli, sulforaphane glucosinolate (SGS ), increases the body's own defense system against carcinogens.

According to studies by Dr. Paul Talalay and his colleagues at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, sulforaphane enhances the cancer-protective capacity of animal cells.

Sulforaphane induces Phase Two (detoxification) enzymes, that deactivate carcinogens and free radicals. The Phase Two enzymes are an integral part of the body's amazing detoxification system, neutralizing carcinogens and making them inactive.

This detoxification system turns carcinogens and other toxic substances into harmless molecules that are excreted from the body.

In animal studies, sulforaphane blocked tumor development, reducing incidence, multiplicity, and size of carcinogen-induced mammary tumors.

Small quantities of broccoli sprout extracts have reduced the incidence and size of mammary tumors in animals.

Talalay's research team fed extracts of the sprouts to groups of 20 female rats for five days, and exposed them and a control group that had not received the extracts to a carcinogen, dimethylbenzanthracene.

The rats that received the extracts developed fewer tumors, and those that did get tumors had smaller growths that took longer to develop. The number of rats that developed tumors was reduced by as much as 60%, the number of tumors in each animal was reduced by 80%, and the size of the tumors that did develop was reduced by 75%.

Furthermore, the tumors’ appearance was delayed and they grew more slowly.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Broccoli Sprouts. 5,500 ppm of Sulfuraphane. 2.75 mgs of Sulfurophabe per 1/2 scoop.

COMBINATION: Add Hoxsey and Reishiac for cancer. Add Astragus Ligustrum or Power Mushrooms to boost immunity. Add Liver Heprotect for hepatitis or liver disease.



OK for extended use.

Small cats & dogs: 1/2-1 small scoop mixed in with food.
Medium dogs: 1-2 small scoops mixed in with food.
Large dogs: 2-3 small scoops mixed in with food.