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A Member of the Advisory Board at 10 weeks of Age

Name - Hen!

In Focus

A Cat Named Hen!
Hen is an term of endearment to females in Scotland . “Are you keeping well Hen?” is not an uncommon question to the fairer sex. More Scottish dialect example and stories to follow.

So we named our Cat HEN!

Peter Tarleton - Burns Pet Health Advisor

Peter Tarleton is our spirituality advisor.

Peter is originally from Limerick in Southern Ireland . He has been an Anglican priest for 33 years, and for 21 of those he has worked as a prison chaplain in England. His work has included young offenders, lifers as well as developing a large Multi-Faith Team in the local prison in Leeds. His approach to this work has been holistic and inclusive - recognizing that support and care for prisoners' families is high on the agenda. Recently he worked with Imam Khalil Kazi from Batley to establish a Community Chaplaincy for West Yorkshire which will provide ongoing support for ex-offenders on release from jail

Peter's work lately he has been more involved with developing multi faith community chaplaincies for the prison system. He interest in natural health arose from his own experiences with hodgkinsons disease a number of years ago from which he has fully recovered. Peter is great believer in homeopathy, diet and spiritual reflection.



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