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Milk thistle seed, bupleurum root, pinellia rhizome, baical skullcap root, Asian ginseng root, licorice root, ginger rhizome, zizyphus fruit, schisandra fruit, stevia leaf.

In Focus

Aromatherapy for liver problems

Dogs and Cats recovering from liver problems can be energized by the essential oil 'balsito'. Dilute 50% with a vegetable oil and drop in the ears. Use only for a few days!

Liver Problems

Elevated liver enzymes in the blood, Hepatic lipidosis, Hepatitis, auto immune and viral, Vomiting, Poor appetite, Jaundice, Yellowing eyes, Light colored bowel movements and swelling of the abdomen.

The liver is truly a multifunction organ with hundreds of intricate biochemical processes. It has been suggested that it performs over 500 tasks regulating normal body functions. In his book "Bartrams Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine", Thomas Bartram refers to the liver as "one vast laboratory".

The liver, amongst many other functions, manufactures blood proteins for clotting, stores vitamins, iron and blood sugar for future use. It processes dietary fats, secretes bile, filters blood and plays a major role in removing waste or toxic products from the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine maintains that a healthy liver establishes and maintains a soothing flow of energy through the whole person and equates to calm and well balanced mind. When problems occur the opposite is true – physical and emotional issues are in abundance.

Aggression in alcoholics is normal associated with liver problems although liver disharmony can generate many emotional signs in humans – anger, impatience, resentment, violence, belligerence, stubbornness etc. Physical signs are much more difficult to detect, particularly in our pets, until considerable damage has been done.

Given the huge number of functions the liver performs, it is prudent to say that prevention is better than cure. With regard to diet, repetition is something which readers will become familiar with, in that it is fundamental to the health in general and the liver in particular. There are so many toxins that our pets are exposed to and the liver has to deal with each and every one of them


Low protein is a must for liver problem. Burns products contain highly nutritious whole grain brown rice and lower levels of good quality protein. It is important to remember that the quantity fed must be strictly controlled because the more your pet eats the more protein it takes in.


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