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Pet Detox

Dandelion root, burdock root, blessed thistle aerial parts, red clover aerial parts, fenugreek seed, fennel seed, kelp thalus, stevia leaf.

Blocked Anal Glands, Arthritis, Skin Problems, Obesity.

Bringing up a Kitten

Taking on a kitten is an expensive investment, you must ensure that not only are you prepared for the responsibility of a kitten but you can also afford healthcare and maybe insurance.

Anal Gland Problems

"Healing depends upon nutrition as the foundation and we believe there is no such thing as good medicine without good nutrition." Christopher Day.

Buy Burns Brown Rice and Chicken onlineAnal glands, the sac-like glands located on either side of the anus, are thought to be used as territory markers along with urine.

These glands should empty naturally with defecation but sometime become impacted and abscessed, resulting in them becoming irritable.

Dogs are more prone to this problem than cats, often dragging their behind along the ground known as tobogganing or scooting to relieve the symptoms.

It is considered that diet is the main cause of the anal glands not emptying naturally and problems occurring.

Quite often this problem can be seen along with ear or skin problems indicating a need for changes in the diet to remove toxic wastes.

Conventional veterinary treatment involves emptying the anal glands and many groomers now do this as routine procedure.

This approach is considered by holistic vets to be only a temporary solution.

Some suggest that it is natural for the anal glands to be full of fluid but should empty and refill naturally. Regular emptying can result in increased susceptibility to impactions and inflammation.

Chinese medicine interprets anal gland problems as a sign of excessive dampness and this would suggest why ear and skin problems are often associated with anal gland problems.

Foods likely to cause this ‘dampness’ are highly processed and refined carbohydrate foods.

Reducing toxicity of the diet is very important.

In other words, as with all health problems, diets should be low in protein, fat, salt and sugar, and contain no chemicals.

Burns Brown Rice and Chicken or Brown Rice & Ocean Fish formulas are ideal but must be fed in the correct quantiites.

Complementary Approach Herbal Products

Pet Detox : A cleansing and detoxifying formula.
Add : Easy Move for Constipation
Add : Broccoli Sprouts to support Liver function/ detox
Add : Green Power for detoxing and tonic

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