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Burns Pet Health

Natural, healthy dog food, cat food, mixers and supplements.

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Burns Pet Foods - product range, get complete details and analysis.

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Burns Brown Rice and ChickenWhat's in
Burns Brown Rice and Chicken

What's in
Burns Brown Rice and Ocean Fish

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Burns Mini Bites

What's in Burns Feline Maintenance

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Dog and Cat health

It's no surprise to many of our visitors, but a lot of pet health issues can be helped, and even eliminated by following the correct diet.

What are the signs of a healthy dog or cat?

The sign's of a healthy dog or cat are;

Healthy dogs are also generally better behaved and less irritable.

Proper, healthy, regular eating along with regular exercise contribute towards regular sleeping patterns.

Once your dog (or cat) is eating well, sleeping and exercising properly you should see it's health improve and eventually bloom.

Burns Holistic Nutrition Guide

"Working with nature to promote pet health

Holistic Health Guide for Dogs and CatsNature has health-promoting power. The body has the power to maintain health and, when necessary, to heal itself. Diet, like any healer, should obey the principle: do no harm.

Pet health Is holistic. Your pet is a complex interaction of mind, body and character (or spirit) functioning in the environment (which can greatly influence all of the other aspects)."

Read our "Holistic Health Guide for Dogs and Cats".

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Ask us - Simply fill in and return our Pet Health Questionnaire and we'll get right back to you. When you fill out our questionnaire we'll send you some free samples of our food so you can 'try before you buy'.

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Hello and welcome to Burns Pet Health.

A healthy dogIt is with great regret that Burns Pet Health has decided to cease trading.

We would like to thank the many loyal customers for the support over the last 14 years and wish you all well for the future!
George Burns

Find out for yourself why we think Burns Dog Food is simply the best dog food.

Fill out the Pet Health Questionnaire and we'll send you a free sample for your pet to try.

Pet health problem solver Pet Health Questionnaire

Conditions helped by Burns foods and supplements include:

Most asked pet health questionAnd

In Focus

Pet Boost

When your dog's immune system is run-down try them with Pet Boost. This herbal food supplement re-invigorates and strengthens them.

Whole Dog Journal

Burns Pet Foods has been nominated as one of the best dog foods in the USA yet again in 2012!

Herbal Combinations

Our herbal combinations have been developed for your pets health. Nutritional nourishment from dog food allergy to diabetes in dogs.

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Check out the frequently asked questions about Burns Pet Health Products.

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Burns Natural, Healthy Dog and Cat Foods

Burns produce natural, "holistic dog food" and holistic cat food using the most natural, healthy ingredients.

Burns ingredients are carefully chosen for their nutritional benefits following traditional homemade recipes.

Natural ingredients help ensure each organ in the animal's body functions for the benefit of all other organs. Thus contributing towards complete health.

Burns Pet Health and our pet foods and supplements are developed with a passion for caring and thinking dog and cat owners who want the best for their pets.

About Burns holistic dog food products

The Burns holistic dog food recipes were developed in Scotland and are now manufactured in the USA.

Based on a combination of Macrobiotic and Traditional Chinese Nutritional approaches to health, Burns Pet Health Products, made using holistic principles, will make a difference to your dogs health.

We have three holistic dog foods,

  1. Brown Rice and Chicken.
  2. Brown Rice and Ocean Fish (includes herring).
  3. Burns Mini Bites.

About Burns holistic cat food products

Using a combination of Chinese and Western herbs, Burns holistic cat food creates the correct conditions for health to prevail.

Like the holistic dog foods, our cat food has been developed in the same manner and with the same healthy results. Find out more about how pet herbal formulations are developed and what makes a good formula.

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Burns Pet Health for "pet health guides" plus "healthy dog food" and "healthy cat food", "food mixers" and "diet supplements".

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